Vue / Frontend Engineer

Company: Q‎ ‎

Salary: $200 - $2

Posted on: June 17, 2024

Job Description

**About Q**

Our aim is to enable anyone to be an entrepreneur -- by giving them a powerful
assistant that can help turn ideas into reality. We believe everyone has great
ideas and can chart their own life path with Q at their side.

Q is a new personal workspace centered around notetaking. Notes are high
quality context that ai assistants can help turn into other knowledge work.
Our aim is to help turn your basic thoughts and ideas into real work that can
be shared / creates value.

**Job Overview:**

We are looking for passionate front-end software engineers who are excited to
help create a revolutionary assistant. As a founding team member, you will
play a key role in shaping and building our software stack. You will write
lots of frontend and backend code, but will also contribute to the big picture
strategy. You will work closely with the founding team, but will often be
expected to make progress with limited information and conflicting goals. You
will move and iterate quickly, but will balance this with an appropriate level
of engineering rigor. Most importantly, you will focus on delivering a great
experience for our customers and users, and will do whatever it takes to make
that happen.


* Create and own a significant part of Q’s v1 software stack spanning websites, frontend interfaces
* Develop software end-to-end: design, build, test, deploy, operate, and maintain
* Always be looking for leverage: stay on top of helpful new AI tools, prefer to integrate existing solutions when possible, and only build from scratch where it makes business sense
* Follow engineering best practices (strive for simplicity, write good documentation, use automation to help prevent mistakes, etc.), but know when to break the rules (e.g. to get fast feedback that will inform a key product decision)


* 3+ years of professional software development experience
* You take pride in crafting software that delights both users and engineers, and you can balance moving quickly with writing high-quality code
* Proficiency with modern frontend web development (Vue and Typescript preferred)
* Experience with backend and API design is a plus (Node/Deno and Typescript preferred)
* You’re a generalist who enjoys working across multiple domains, can handle frequent context switches, and loves to learn new things quickly
* Strong written and verbal communication skills

**If you 're interested, email [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])**