Senior Fullstack React Engineer

Company: DayZero

Salary: $200 - $120,000

Posted on: July 1, 2024

Company Email: [email protected]

Job Description

**_About DayZero_**

DayZero is an early stage fintech company building AI financial infrastructure
for ecommerce— a multi billion dollar opportunity in the U.S. alone. DayZero’s
mission is to be the first complete vertical SaaS tool for online selling,
providing automated accounting, inventory management, payments, ad buying and
financing to online merchants. There are currently 2mm merchants on Shopify,
90% of which are small businesses doing under $1mm in revenue. What’s more,
the average Shopify seller uses 6 connected Shopify apps, showcasing the need
for one unified platform to manage their business. DayZero is pioneering the
first and only AI Accountant to help merchants close their books and provide
daily financial data, replacing the work of a human. DayZero leverages AI to
provide strategic insights, generate ad content, and optimize financing draws,
ad spend, and inventory planning for online merchants.

**_Role Overview_**

We are seeking an experienced Senior Full Stack Developer to join our
ambitious engineering team. This role is pivotal in developing the front- and
backend functionalities of our rapidly-growing product and ensuring robust,
scalable, efficient systems. You will work closely with the Head of
Engineering and the Co-CEO, offering a unique opportunity to shape the
technological foundation of our product in a startup environment. This is your
chance to be at the forefront of the next revolution in a truly novel, high-
demand application of AI in financial modeling and forecasting.

**_Key Responsibilities_**

* Develop and maintain a React front end codebase using best practices and scalable, forward-looking design thinking.
* Craft backend architecture that’s clear and easy to change and adapt.
* Develop and maintain PostgreSQL databases with special attention to creative and understandable schemas.
* Integrate various data storage solutions and third-party services using API connections.
* Identify, prioritize, and execute tasks in the software development life cycle.
* Ensure the performance, quality, and responsiveness of applications.
* Collaborate with the team to brainstorm and solve complex problems independently.
* Qualifications
* Proven experience as a React developer
* Proven experience building and maintaining backend architecture in AWS
* Strong understanding of PostgreSQL and database design.
* Proficiency in integrating third-party APIs and understanding of RESTful services.
* Familiarity with code versioning tools— Git.
* Excellent problem-solving and communication skills and ability to work independently.
* Outstanding prioritization skills with a knack for identifying the most impactful tasks.
* Experience with serverless architectures and cloud infrastructure deployment.

**_Required Skills_**

* 6 years of experience with React/JS
* 3 years of experience with Python
* 2 years of experience with PostgreSQL
* 2 years of experience designing and building REST APIs and backend architecture in AWS

**_Who You Are_**

* Curious: You have an insatiable appetite for learning, always seeking to understand how things work and often wearing many hats to find the answers.
* Optimistic: You believe that no problem is too big, too entrenched, or too complicated to solve.
* Straightforward: You excel at distilling complex concepts and technical ideas into concise and actionable plans.
* Passionate: You’re customer obsessed and relish the opportunity to bring your team along.
* Resilient: You find satisfaction in tackling challenging, impactful problems.

**_What We Offer_**

* Ownership and Impact: A chance to be a part of a game-changing startup.
* Meaningful Mission: Help us empower brands with data and decision-making tools to build more resilient, responsive, and responsible businesses
* Collaborative Environment: Work directly with the Head of Engineering and have a meaningful say in the product direction.
* Cutting Edge Technology: Be at the forefront of technological advancements in the application of AI in novel industries.
* Flexible Work Environment: A remote-friendly work environment with flexible hours, work-life balance, flexible vacation and parental leave.
* Competitive Compensation: Competitive salary and stock options and comprehensive benefits package including medical, dental, vision, life, and disability coverages.

**_Why DayZero?_**

DayZero recently closed on a round of funding from top e-commerce enablement
investors and is looking to grow its engineering organization. Ideal
candidates thrive in a high performance environment where they have
significant ownership over their products, are comfortable iterating quickly
and are results oriented. At DayZero, we prioritize

* Energy and drive
* High-quality communication
* Taking initiative with our decisions
* Low egos, intellectual honesty, and high integrity
* The ability to take feedback and iterate quickly
* Working together to continuously improve
* Holding ourselves accountable
* Being respectful, committed, and collaborative
* Working hard, and having fun