Senior Computer Vision and Machine Learning Engineer

Company: Duranta

Location: Seattle, Washington

Salary: $175,000 - $200,000

Posted on: June 7, 2024

Job Description


Duranta was founded with the mission of helping contractors, starting with
landscapers, create a more beautiful world. Every year, over 1.5 million acres
of land in the US is being converted into urban dwelling areas, and we are
building the platform that contractors will use to design beautiful,
ecological spaces, and run efficient businesses.

We are seeking a Computer Vision and Machine Learning Engineer to join our
team. You will be responsible for leading the development of our computer
vision pipelines for extracting comprehensive intelligence from satellite
imagery in collaboration with our team. We highly value expertise in building
robust, high-performance, and versatile computer vision applications.

Additionally, our application will have a CAD (Computer-Aided Design)
component, so any experience in this area will be helpful. 3D game-development
experience for example is a big plus.

We are headquartered in Seattle and are building a hub in NYC. We allow for
remote work, provided that you are able to spend a week, once a quarter,
onsite in Seattle.

Responsibilities and focus areas

* Building the components of a state-of-the-art computer vision and machine learning pipeline
* Working with our team of AI scientists and cross-function with other sectors of the company

You will thrive if you have

* Early stage startup experience
* A knack for working in small, driven teams, with high autonomy
* The desire to talk to & learn from users and collaboratively build a product together with the founders, the designer and other engineers etc.
* At least 4 years of experience with formulation, prototyping, testing, and deployment in modern machine learning, deep learning, and computer vision
* Experience with 2D (e.g., semantic analyses) and 3D (e.g., 3D measurement and reconstruction) vision
* Experience with satellite imagery and GIS applications
* Experience with agile development practices
* Strong computer science background
* Have an explorative, passionate, and constructive mindset willing to work with a like-minded team

And for extra credit

* Experience with generative models and large foundation models
* Experience with self-supervised and weakly-supervised learning
* Experience with data pipelines for ML development
* Knowledge of CAD and computer graphics
* Experience with AWS

If you are interested in building something meaningful, and maximizing your
potential, we would love to hear from you!