Senior Backend Engineer

Company: Aspect Analytics

Salary: $200 - $2

Posted on: June 3, 2024

Job Description

Care to put your Engineering skills to work at a growing biomedical software
company? Aspect Analytics is hiring a Senior Backend Engineer to build our
bioinformatics data management platform.

In essence our bioinformatics platform manages large-scale spatial omics data
(think: very very large images, think 10-1000 GB per dataset) and provides
high-end analysis, integration and visualization capabilities. We are
currently extending our team and platform, and we are looking for highly
motivated people who enjoy building and maintaining backend platforms and
infrastructure to manage and analyze large-scale data.

We are an international, multicultural team, with English as the main language
for communication across the company.

**What you will be contributing to**
Aspect Analytics supports leading pharmaceutical, biotech and diagnostic
companies in improving our understanding of biology to ultimately improve
human health via better therapeutics and/or diagnostics. Specifically, we
develop novel bioinformatics solutions to catalyze the thriving field of
spatial multi-omics, which aims at characterizing complex biological samples
on a molecular level in spatially resolved ways.

We enable pharmaceutical research, with primary applications being immunology,
oncology and neurodegenerative diseases. Our work is at the intersection of
biology, bioinformatics, AI/ML and software engineering. As part of Aspect
Analytics, you will be able to leverage your skills to tackle complex software
engineering problems to ultimately contribute to improving human health. You
will be part of a highly interdisciplinary, motivated and knowledgeable team.

**About the Role**
We are seeking a highly skilled and motivated Senior Backend Developer to
tackle the development of key components of our backend infrastructure. As a
senior member of our engineering team, you will play a key role in designing,
building, and maintaining our scalable and efficient backend systems. You will
work closely with our product team to develop new features, improve system
performance, and ensure high availability.

These are some of the technologies in our current stack:

* Backend: Python, Golang, Clojure
* Infrastructure: Kubernetes, Terraform, ArgoCD, Jenkins, Docker, AWS, Kafka, Knative
* Computation: Python, NumPy, (distributed) computation engines (Dask, Ray, Airflow, Prefect …)
* Frontend: ClojureScript, React


* Building and maintaining core services like computational workflows, data management and authorization
* Uphold standards of security, reliability, performance, and quality
* Troubleshoot and debug complex issues in our backend systems
* Mentor junior developers and bioinformaticians and provide guidance on best practices

**Who are you**

* You have experience working in multiple technology stacks / languages and have a broad perspective in selecting the right solution for any given problem.
* You have experience building and deploying services, including familiarity with building communication lines between services and the trade-offs between microservices and monoliths.
* Experience working in a startup environment, with a proven track record of delivering and maintaining high-quality software quickly and efficiently.
* You are motivated, can convey your point in a discussion, and are not shy from taking initiative. You have effective communication skills, with the ability to articulate ideas clearly in both written and verbal forms.
* You have built REST or GraphQL APIs for clients to interact with your services.
* You have experience in Domain Driven Design and Event Sourcing.
* You have some knowledge of DevOps principles, you have built your own containers, and have deployed services on Kubernetes.

**What We Offer**

* Competitive salary and benefits package.
* Collaborative and dynamic work environment with a diverse, multidisciplinary team of talented engineers and bioinformaticians.
* Get exposed to high-end bioinformatics and machine learning by working in tandem with our team of world-class experts.
* The ability to have a tangible impact on human health, by developing tools used by leading companies for drug development and diagnostics.
* Ideally you work hybrid, with 1-2 days a week working in Genk (Limburg).

Aspect Analytics focuses on Biotechnology, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning,
Diagnostics, and Software. Their company has offices in Genk. They have a
small team that's between 11-50 employees. To date, Aspect Analytics has
raised $2.2M of funding; their latest round was closed on August 2022.

You can view their website at <> or find them
on [Twitter]( and