Full-Stack Engineer

Company: Arya

Salary: $200 - $7

Posted on: June 27, 2024

Company Email: [email protected]

Job Description


We’re looking for a Full Stack Engineer to join our core Engineering team in
re-imagining how the next generation of workforce gets valued and compensated
for work. In this role, you will be responsible for building scalable products
as a key contributor to our product.

You will be building elegant, design-centric and thoughtful products at Arya

* Developing full-stack web applications using TypeScript, ReactJS, and PostgreSQL.
* Implementing scalable and high-performance systems with a focus on service-oriented architecture.
* Collaborating with cross-functional teams, including product management, QA, and operations, to ensure seamless implementation and support of new features.
* Mentoring junior engineers and contribute to the team’s knowledge base by sharing best practices and innovative approaches.
* Staying updated with the latest industry trends and technologies, advocating for their adoption where beneficial.

**Required Skills and Qualifications:**

* Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or related field; Master’s preferred.
* Minimum of 3 years experience in software development with a strong focus on full stack development.
* Profound expertise in JavaScript/TypeScript, ReactJS, and PostgreSQL.
* Demonstrable understanding of the lifecycle of web ecosystems.
* Strong understanding of software architecture principles, especially in a microservices context.
* Excellent problem-solving skills and ability to work under tight deadlines.

Bonus points if you have:

* Experience with other programming languages and frameworks is a plus.
* Familiarity with CI/CD processes and tools.


We believe we need to deeply understand and empathize with our customers
before we ship product, especially because we impact how and when people get
paid. Your first 60 days will be designed to arm you with all the context you
need around our customers and product vision to feel empowered to ship
impactful features.

**By Day 15**

You have been successfully onboarded and have the tools and setup needed to do
your best work. You've met the team, and deeply understand the Values we live
and breathe everyday, why we exist and the value our product delivers to our
customers today. You've also undergone basic product training, explored
customer use cases for Arya, and started getting exposed to all-hands with the
engineering team. You have sat in on at least one customer meeting. You have
shipped your first bug fixes and are starting to understand all the
distributed processes that make Arya possible.

**By Day 30**

You feel comfortable doing a 5-minute demo of Arya internally to the team.
You've been assigned, and have shipped, your first impactful change to the
product! You have started taking on features and gone through a whole sprint
with the team. You understand how our external interfaces to companies work,
and thinking deeply about how our processes can be improved to support both
our current and future customers. You have poked holes into our thought
process and are helping steer the team towards building a strong, resilient

**By Day 60**

You deeply understand the importance of your role to the company, and have
started to make it your own. You have taken ownership of one of our products
and are working with the product and marketing teams to make it better for our
users and more efficient for our customers. Your questions about our
customers, our product roadmap and features, and our codebase are very nuanced
now. You have started taking on more complex tasks during our bi-weekly
sprints, and are fully embedded into our product development process.


You will thrive at Arya if you can:

**1\. Think Like a Customer**

We win by making our Customers feel like superheroes. This means we must
always view our decisions, actions and communication through the lens of our

**2\. Find Small Wins Everyday**

We believe that speed of making decisions and taking action have a compounding
effect. A series of quick, small, daily wins add up to big ones over time, and
the absence of these can add up to big losses.

**3\. Teach and Learn Consistently**

We believe that giving context and sharing expertise is everyone's
responsibility. We find time to talk about the Why and How of what we do in
every interaction.

**4\. Be Prepared**

We believe that progress cannot be left to chance and sudden flashes of
genius. We put in the time and effort to prepare ourselves and others to make
the most of every opportunity.

**5\. Communicate Simply**

We communicate to be understood. This means that in a complex, global and busy
world, we work hard to express our ideas in ways that others find simple and

**6\. Be Kind**

We believe that being exceptional and being kind are not mutually exclusive.
We strive to treat others with empathy, kindness and respect, even in the most
challenging of times.


Arya is committed to being transformative to the careers of those who share
our values, and are looking to build a generational business. We offer:

**The Basics:**

* Competitive salary + equity
* Comprehensive health and wellness benefits
* Flexible PTO and generous parental leave
* Performance-based incentives

**The Multipliers:**

* Be part of a company that treats its values as its biggest priority
* Learn more about building and scaling a business in months than others will in years
* Have ownership, influence and impact that runs far and wide
* Work flexibly, with a focus on progress over activity
* Never sacrifice your mental health- while we work hard, we're committed to avoiding burnout at all costs


Arya is re-imagining the relationship between healthcare employers and
caregivers in the new economy. Founded by seasoned 2x entrepreneurs, we are
already working with some of the fastest growing flex workforce operators in
the US, and have recently raised a seed round from top-tier investors to
execute against our vision full-blast.

The Arya team has been geographically, racially and culturally diverse from
Day 0. We aim to continue building upon this early start, and towards a team
that fosters diversity and inclusivity in all aspects. Regardless of gender,
age, race, nationality, sexual orientation, parental status, or disability,
Arya will consider all qualified applicants during our process as we are proud
to be an equal opportunity employer.