Full-Stack / Backend Engineer

Company: Shipyard

Salary: $200 - $130,000

Posted on: June 25, 2024

Company Email: [email protected]

Job Description

### About Shipyard

Shipyard accelerates the way software teams build and deliver products by
automating the lifecycle of full-stack ephemeral environments for on every
pull request. Rather than reviewing and testing features on shared, unreliable
environments, software teams can collaborate centrally and securely in short-
lived Shipyard environments with all the data and services their application
uses in production enabling faster, more reliable releases.

Our stack includes **Python, Golang, JavaScript, Docker, Kubernetes, Helm,
Postgres** and more.

We’re venture-backed and based in **NYC** , but we’re fully remote.

### What you'll do:

* Work with designers, frontend developers and infrastructure engineers on client-facing features from prototype to production
* Build public and internal APIs
* Optimize code for performance, stability and security
* Write tests to verify code correctness

### You should have:

* 4+ years of professional development experience
* Solid proficiency with GO / Python or other backend language
* Experience with command line (e.g. bash, sh)
* Excellent technical communication skills

### Other things we're looking for:

* Experience with any of the following: Docker, Docker Compose, Kubernetes, Helm, Terraform, AWS, GCP, Azure, Digital Ocean
* Experience with CI/CD pipelines
* OSS contributor
* SQL skills

### Benefits:

* Competitive salary
* Stock options
* Premium healthcare (PPO/EPO) (including dental + vision)

If this sounds like you, email us at
**[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])** with your resumé and
GitHub username!