Front-end Engineer (React/React Native Focus)

Company: MightyByte

Salary: $200 - $100,000

Posted on: June 25, 2024

Job Description

Were a hybrid dev-firm/startup incubator that half builds incredible software
for incredible clients (ranging from entraprenurial NFL players with a dream
to booming enterprises) and half builds and incubates it's own startup ideas.

We're looking for engineers who:

* Crave a good challenges and likes pushing their creative abilities to solve problems
* Likes getting to work on many different projects, using many different tools.
* Enjoy working at a company that enables and respects their freedom and autonomy
* Likes building great products that change the world in ways big and small.
* We'll pay you well and be super fun to work with, promise. We offer equity too.

Please note: we usually onboard incoming engineers as full time contractors.

Must have React/React Native experience.