Founding mobile game designer

Company: Edenband

Salary: $200 - $60,000

Posted on: May 30, 2024

Job Description

**About Us:**

Eden is like a digital fertiliser for the mind. It is the world's first wrist
wearable that gives you the superpower to monitor, shift and elevate your mind
through validated, patented, clinically proven advanced Neurotech.

We exist so that our minds, just like the sunflower, are able to thrive,
nourish, grow and show up as the best version of ourselves and shine bright
like a sun for everyone around us, every single day.

Our mission is to quantify, prevent and eliminate mental illnesses.

**Role Overview:**
As the Founding Mobile Game Designer & Developer, you will play a critical
role in shaping the future of our mobile gaming experience. You will be
responsible for designing, developing, and implementing engaging mobile games
that integrate seamlessly with Eden's technology. Your work will directly
impact the user experience, driving engagement and delivering value to our

**Key Responsibilities:**

* **Game Design:**

* Conceptualize and design innovative mobile games that align with Eden's mission and user needs.
* Develop engaging game mechanics, storylines, and interactive features that enhance mental fitness.
* Create detailed game design documents, wireframes, and prototypes.
* **Game Development:**

* Develop high-quality mobile games using Unity or similar game development platforms.
* Write clean, efficient, and maintainable code.
* Implement and optimize game features for performance and user experience on various mobile devices.
* **Artwork & Visual Design:**

* Create visually appealing game assets, including characters, environments, and UI elements.
* Ensure that the artwork aligns with the overall aesthetic and brand identity of Eden.
* Collaborate with other team members to integrate visual assets into the game.
* **Collaboration & Leadership:**

* Work closely with the founding team to align game development with company goals.
* Provide creative input and feedback on other aspects of Eden's product development.
* Lead and mentor junior designers and developers as the team grows.


* Proven experience in mobile game design and development.
* Proficiency with Unity or other game development engines.
* Strong programming skills in C#, Java, or similar languages.
* Ability to create high-quality game art and visual assets.
* Experience with UI/UX design for mobile games.
* Strong understanding of game mechanics and player engagement strategies.
* Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail.
* Strong communication and collaboration skills.

**Preferred Qualifications:**

* Experience with wearable technology and/or mental fitness applications.
* Knowledge of brainwave tracking and its applications in gaming.
* Previous startup or entrepreneurial experience.

**What We Offer:**

* Opportunity to be a key player in a rapidly growing startup.
* Equity stake in the company.
* Flexible working hours and remote work environment.
* Collaborative and supportive team culture.
* Chance to make a significant impact on the mental fitness and well-being of our users.

**How to Apply:**
We only accept TOP 1% talent. If you are passionate and if you are the BEST in
mobile game design, development, we would love to hear from you.

Send your resume, portfolio, and a your proudest achivement to
[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

Join us to change the world.

Edenband focuses on Hardware, Neuroscience, Hardware + Software, Wearables,
and Mental Health. Their company has offices in Melbourne. They have a small
team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at <>