Founding Backend Engineer

Company: Tensorlake

Salary: $200 - $120,000

Posted on: May 31, 2024

Job Description

Tensorlake is building a distributed data processing platform for developers
building Generative AI applications. Our product, Indexify -
<>, enables building continuously evolving knowledge
bases and indexes for Large Language Model applications by allowing structured
data or embedding extraction algorithms on any unstructured data.

We are building a server-less product on top of Indexify that allows users to
build real time extraction pipelines for unstructured data. The extracted data
and indexes would be directly consumed by AI Applications and LLMs to power
business and consumer applications.

We are looking for folks who love to work in the intersection of information
retrieval, large-scale distributed systems, and artificial intelligence for
content understanding. Being able to design and implement robust backends from
the ground up, and knowledge of operating infrastructure is a must-have
criterion in this role.

As a founding backend engineer at Tensorlake, you will be involved in
designing the serverless platform. You will participate in discussions with
our customers to understand requirements around performance, security and
operability of the platform.
You will -

* Design and implement a distributed control plane for operating Indexify on public clouds.
* Design and implement workflows for cluster operations and bootstrapping in VPCs.
* Focus on long term operability of the system and services
* Work closely with the Founder on the company's technical direction and platform.
* Work closely with our users to learn the impact of our product and improve their experience.

**Basic Qualifications**

* 7+ years of relevant work experience
* Experience in building large-scale distributed systems such as databases, cluster schedulers, or any other distributed control planes.
* Ph.D. or Bachelor's degree in Math, Computer Science, or other quantitative fields, OR equivalent experience.
* Knowledge of systems programming languages such as Rust, Go, C++ or C. We mainly program in Rust.
* Designing observable systems that operate at internet scale.
* Deep knowledge of operating and using cluster schedulers - Kubernetes, Fargate(AWS), etc.

**Preferred Qualifications**
Solid fundamentals in algorithms, data structures, and system design
Knowledge of data structures and algorithms for writing blob or semi-
structured data storage and query engines.

Even if you only fit some criteria but are generally excited about this space,
we encourage you to apply. Please share a relevant project you have built in
the past, and a bonus if it's open source!

Ability to save in 401(k) plans
Comprehensive Healthcare and Dental Benefits

Tensorlake focuses on Technology. Their company has offices in United States.
They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at <>