Engineering Manager

Company: Allen Control Systems

Location: Austin, Texas

Posted on: June 3, 2024

Company Email: [email protected]

Job Description

We’re developing a small autonomous gun turret that uses computer vision and
advanced control systems to precisely aim small arms (the M240, M4, or a
shotgun) to “snipe” small drones and loitering munitions out of the sky at
long range. There are obviously many technical challenges involved in this.

Allen Control Systems (ACS) is a defense startup by two ex-Navy electrical
engineers, who previously founded a robotics & software company which was
purchased for >$100M in 2022. Our company culture is engineering-first, but we
also have the business skills to ensure what you build will get used in the

**You 're a good fit if:**

* You’ve been building things on your own since high school, and are interested in robotics.
* You’ve done electrical engineering projects on your own, either as a side project or your own business. (We’ll want to see what you’ve made.)
* You’ve designed a lot of printed circuit boards.
* You’ve done a lot of C programming of microcontrollers (ideally, ST microcontrollers).
* You’ve done a lot of Python programming.

**Job Description**

* Manage the gun turret engineering team and coordinate project schedules across multi-discipline engineering tasks
* Advance our gun turret prototype design already in progress: design PCBs, program microcontrollers, test our ability to control motors with the precision and speed required for the turret.
* Work alongside other experienced EEs, and mentor junior EEs.
* Eventually, harden the prototype turret into a military system, and help create larger/smaller variants for different weapon systems and engagement ranges, and possibly other robotics projects.

**Compensation and Benefits**

* A competitive salary and equity package, reflecting your skills and accomplishments.
* Full benefits spectrum, inclusive of health, dental, and vision insurance, complemented by generous paid time off.

Allen Control Systems focuses on Enterprise Software, Defense, Artificial
Intelligence, Unmanned Air Systems, and Hardware + Software. Their company has
offices in Austin. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees. To
date, Allen Control Systems has raised $3M of funding; their latest round was
closed on December 2023 at a valuation of $20M.

You can view their website at <> or find them
on [Twitter](