Engineering Lead

Company: Midas

Salary: $200 - $8

Posted on: July 5, 2024

Company Email: [email protected]

Job Description

### **About Midas**

Midas is an asset tokenization protocol bringing regulatory-compliant exposure
to institutional-grade assets onchain, unlocking DeFi composability for real-
world assets (RWA).

Tokenizing securities in a compliant way is complex, requires building deep
legal expertise and multiple iterations. Midas started this journey in 2022,
releasing its first security tokens in 2024 under a best-in-class regulatory
setup that makes Midas tokens as frictionless as possible, for everyone.

Midas stands at the forefront of innovation: we're not just participating in
the market; we're aiming to redefine it.
Each of our tokens represents a bold step forward, merging the reliability of
traditional financial instruments with the efficiency and accessibility of

### **Your Key Responsibilities**

* **Engineering Strategy.** Define and drive the engineering strategy at Midas. This includes:
* Developing the technical roadmap
* Ensuring the protocol's safety, focusing on secure processes and system integrity beyond common exploits
* Leading the evaluation of architecture and design solutions, such as defining our multichain strategy
* **Agency Relationship Management.** Own the relationship with development agencies on various projects, reviewing their code quality and ensuring alignment with Midas’ standards
* **Hiring and Management.** Demonstrate excellent hiring and management skills to build and maintain a high-performing engineering team, including developing the hiring plan (both internal and external)
* **Hands-on Development.** Stay capable of handling some development tasks to support the team and projects directly

### **What we are looking for**

* **Experience:** At least 7 years of demonstrated experience in software engineering, with significant experience in leading engineering teams and managing technical projects
* **Blockchain and DeFi Expertise:** Proficiency in DeFi front-end development, generalist back-end skills, and ideally, mastery of smart contract development
* **Leadership and Communication:** Exceptional leadership skills with the ability to communicate effectively in English (oral and written) with both technical and non-technical stakeholders
* **Strategic Vision:** Ability to define and drive the engineering vision, aligning it with the overall business strategy and objectives.
* **Security Focus:** Strong knowledge of security best practices and experience in implementing security processes.
* **Innovative Mindset:** A proactive and innovative approach to problem-solving and engineering challenges.
* **Collaboration:** Proven ability to work closely with cross-functional teams, including product managers, developers, and top management, to ensure the highest quality and compliance.
* **Timezone:** able to work with a significant overlap with US timezones, but can be located anywhere.