Early hire: 🛠️ Backend/Fullstack Engineering

Company: Kovo

Salary: $200 - $120,000

Posted on: June 30, 2024

Company Email: [email protected]

Job Description

### **Join an early-stage startup. Help unlock access to fair credit.**

Join us as an early backend/fullstack hire! If you have experience building
stable and performant systems at scale, we'd love to chat. We're looking for
someone who can continue meaningfully contributing to our codebase as our team
grows. Our stack is Node (Typescript) on AWS.

**About you**

* You love building great software that serves a lot of people

* You're an independent go-getter and very self-motivated

* You're comfortable working remotely

* You've worked with Node and AWS in a production setting

* You've worked at least 2 years in a professional software engineering role

* You're able to effectively interface between backend and front-end

* You have Typescript experience (bonus)

**What you 'll do**

* A little bit of everything! You'll be an early backend/fullstack hire, so you'll have input in a lot of long-term architectural and technical design decisions. You'll help establish the technical foundation for the entire company.

**Why you might be excited about us**

* We're working to solve a massive societal problem

* You'll be able to contribute efficiently, without bureaucracy, and with broad responsibility

* If we can effectively solve a problem asynchronously, we do

* We don't micromanage and will help you do great work

* We care about you and will work to set you up for success in the future

**Why you might not be excited about us**

* We're a very small team

* Projects and priorities tend to shift

* There's still a lot to build