CTO - Co-Founder

Company: Axiom Research Labs

Salary: $200 - $150,000

Posted on: June 3, 2024

Job Description

### About Axiom Labs

### Revolutionizing the intersection of technology and empathy.

Axiom Labs is revolutionizing the intersection of technology and empathy
through our groundbreaking Cross-Modal Emotion Fusion platform. We are
redefining how AI understands and interacts with human emotions, creating
technology that not only interprets but also empathizes with the complexities
of human experiences. Our mission is to shape a future where every human-
machine interaction is imbued with genuine understanding, fostering deeper
connections and more meaningful experiences.

Guided by our unwavering dedication to ethical innovation and social
responsibility, we push the boundaries of what's possible in AI, always
striving to create technology that enhances the human experience. Our work is
grounded in the belief that the true potential of AI lies not just in its
technical capabilities, but in its capacity to promote empathy, compassion,
and shared understanding.

### Lead our technical vision and strategy.

As the CTO & Co-Founder of Axiom Labs, you will be the driving force behind
our technical vision and strategy. You will lead our exceptional team of
engineers in designing, developing, and deploying cutting-edge solutions that
bridge the gap between humans and machines. This is a unique opportunity for a
visionary leader who is passionate about leveraging technology for social
good, thrives on complex challenges, and has a track record of driving
innovation in AI.

### Key Responsibilities:

**Technical Roadmap:** Define and execute the technical roadmap for Axiom
Labs, driving innovation and leading the development of our Cross-Modal
Emotion Fusion platform.
Team Leadership: Build and lead a world-class engineering team, fostering a
culture of collaboration, creativity, and excellence.

**System Architecture:** Architect and design robust, scalable, and secure
systems that power our platform, ensuring high performance, reliability, and

**Cross-Functional Collaboration:** Collaborate closely with cross-functional
teams to translate business objectives into technical requirements and
Innovation & Trends: Stay at the forefront of emerging technologies and
industry trends, continuously evaluating and implementing new tools and
methodologies to enhance our platform.

**Ethical Development:** Ensure the ethical development and deployment of our
AI systems, prioritizing transparency, accountability, and fairness.
Social Impact: Drive technical innovation that directly contributes to the
positive social impact of our technologies, such as enhancing accessibility,
promoting inclusivity, and enabling more empathetic human-AI interactions.

**Continuous Learning:** Foster a culture of continuous learning and growth
within the engineering team, providing mentorship and opportunities for
professional development.
Ethics Alignment: Collaborate with the Chief Ethics Officer to ensure that our
technical practices align with our ethical principles and values.

**Thought Leadership:** Represent Axiom Labs at technical conferences,
workshops, and industry events, showcasing our innovative work and thought
leadership in the field of empathetic AI.
Partnerships: Establish and maintain technical partnerships with academia,
industry, and open-source communities to drive collaborative innovation and
knowledge sharing.

**Experience:** Minimum of 12+ years of experience in software development and
technical leadership roles, with a proven track record of building and scaling
complex AI systems.

**Expertise:** Deep expertise in AI, machine learning, deep learning, and
natural language processing, with hands-on experience in building production-
grade models and systems.
Programming: Proficiency in programming languages such as Python, Java, or
C++, along with experience with cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, or GCP, and
big data technologies such as Spark or Hadoop.

**Best Practices:** Strong understanding of software engineering best
practices, including agile methodologies, test-driven development, and
continuous integration/deployment.

**Communication:** Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, with
the ability to articulate complex technical concepts to both technical and
non-technical stakeholders.
Strategic Thinking: Strategic thinker with an entrepreneurial mindset, a
passion for innovation, and a commitment to excellence.

**Leadership:** Demonstrated ability to lead, inspire, and mentor high-
performing engineering teams, fostering a culture of collaboration,
creativity, and continuous improvement.

**Ethical Commitment:** Unwavering commitment to ethical AI development, with
a deep understanding of the potential societal implications of the
technologies we create.
Ideal Qualifications:

* Prior experience as a co-founder or technical leader at a successful AI startup, with a track record of delivering innovative, impactful products.
* Ph.D. or Master's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field, with a strong research background in AI, machine learning, or natural language processing.
* Thought leadership in the field of AI, demonstrated through publications, patents, conference presentations, or significant contributions to open-source projects.
* Proven track record of driving ethical and responsible AI development, with a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion in technology.
* Experience in affective computing, multimodal AI, or related fields, with a passion for pushing the boundaries of emotion recognition and empathetic AI.
* Entrepreneurial experience with fundraising, investor relations, and strategic partnerships.

### **Guided by the Axiom Blueprint.**

At Axiom Labs, our values are not just words on a wall—they are the guiding
principles that shape everything we do. As outlined in "The Axiom Blueprint",
we are committed to:

**Empathetic Innovation:** We approach every aspect of our work with deep
empathy, striving to understand and honor the complexities of human emotion.
As the CTO, you will ensure that empathy is at the core of our technical
innovation process.

**Unwavering Ethical Integrity:** We are uncompromising in our commitment to
developing emotionally intelligent AI responsibly, transparently, and with
robust safeguards. As the CTO, you will be a champion for ethical AI
development, ensuring that our technologies always prioritize the well-being
of individuals and society.

**Collaborative Curiosity:** We believe groundbreaking innovation arises from
the convergence of diverse perspectives and expertise. As the CTO, you will
foster a culture of open collaboration, continuous learning, and intellectual
humility within the engineering team and across the organization.

**Purposeful Impact:** We are driven by a deep sense of purpose to create
emotional AI technologies that make a meaningful, positive impact on the
world. As the CTO, you will ensure that our technical innovations are aligned
with our mission to enhance the human experience and contribute to individual
and societal well-being.

When you join Axiom Labs, you'll be part of a supportive and inclusive
environment where your ideas are valued, your growth is nurtured, and your
well-being is prioritized. We'll look to you to champion our values, foster a
culture of innovation and empathy, and lead by example in your pursuit of
technical excellence and positive social impact.

### **Pioneering ethical AI innovation.**

As detailed in "The Axiom Blueprint", we believe in the power of Empathetic
Innovation, Collaborative Diversity, Adaptive Agility, Ethical Integrity, and
Audacious Aspiration. We are more than just a team—we are a community united
by our shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of emotionally intelligent
AI. When you join Axiom Labs, you join a mission to redefine human-machine
interaction while ensuring our technologies are developed responsibly,
ethically, and with a focus on empowering people and society.

### Compensation & Benefits:

* Highly competitive salary and significant equity ownership
* Comprehensive health insurance and unlimited wellness stipend
* Generous paid parental leave and flexible work arrangements
* Professional development budget and personalized mentorship
* Opportunity to work on cutting-edge, impactful projects with a world-class, multidisciplinary team

### Application Process

To apply, please submit your resume, a cover letter expressing your passion
for Axiom's mission and how your technical vision aligns with our values, and
examples of your work that demonstrate your technical leadership, AI
expertise, and commitment to ethical innovation to [careers@axiom-
labs.io](mailto:[email protected]).

Axiom Research Labs focuses on SaaS, Enterprise Software, Healthcare, B2B, and
Sales and Marketing. Their company has offices in Seattle. They have a small
team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at <https://www.axiom-labs.io> or find them on
[Twitter](https://www.twitter.com/axiomlabs_ai) and