Cofounding/Principal Full Stack Engineer + Data Nerd

Company: Vidēre Labs

Salary: $200 - $90,000

Posted on: June 29, 2024

Job Description

At Vidēre Labs, we are a team of data nerds who believe that data-driven
decisions are crucial to building better societies, improving quality of life
for people around the world, and the betterment of humanity. We are on a
mission to empower producers, researchers, planners, designers, and others
with observation- and data-based clarity and insights to further impactful
decision making. We aim to enable our customers to see patterns and
information that they otherwise wouldn't. To that end, we are building a
vertically-integrated hardware and software geospatial data collection,
visualization, and analytics platform that places an emphasis on modern user
interfaces and experiences.

In order to accelerate our success, we are working to put together a team of
diverse thinkers who are able to make unique contributions. To be a strong
contributor at Vidēre, you must be willing to stretch yourself, to be
constantly learning, to be constantly doing things you haven't before, and to
step out of your designated roles.

One of our greatest needs currently is a design lead who can spearhead the
creation and maintinance of our design language across our user interfaces and
also implement those designs, while helping to architect our mobile and web
apps. This role will be filled my a multi-faceted individual.

You will be expected to lead the architecture design for our data flow,
optimizing for latency, security, and cost, and to ensure cohesive design. We
are using AWS services for our backend and have React Native- and React-based
frontends. We need help integrating these, auditing our current cloud
infrastructure, and building out additional infrastructure. Building out user
dashboards for frontend data visualization will be a primary task.

Skillsets and tools that we expect you will use include:

* React
* Vite
* React Native
* Expo
* iOS app deployment (dev builds on device, TestFlight, App Store)
* Web app deployment
* Cognito
* Amplify
* Lambda
* IoT Core
* DynamoDB
* Timestream
* API Gateway
* AppSync
* S3
* CloudWatch
* Route 53
* GraphQL
* Terraform
* Figma
* Standard and modern web technologies, particularly for data visualization
* Mapbox
* Python
* Git

To show that you actually read this job description, please mention your
favorite fruit in the application question.

Additional that we are not expecting but would be very helpful include:

* Strog UI/UX design skills in Figma
* Graphic design in Adobe Illustrator, Canva
* Iconography
* Typography
* User Flows
* Document layout in Adobe InDesign or similiar
* Video production in a widley-used tool such as Adobe Premier, Davinci Resolve, or Final Cut Pro
* Video/animation production widley-used tool such as Adobe After Effects or Blender
* Photography and Videography