Company: BrandLab Holdings

Salary: $200 - $120,000

Posted on: June 29, 2024

Job Description

We are seeking talented professionals to join our team for an upcoming
international news and media consolidation platform.

* _About Platform: *_

An **International news & media consolidation platform** that delivers content
in diverse content formats from an **Indian and the Global South
perspective**. The platform covers: 1. Socio-Politics; 2. Culture and
Lifestyle ; 3. Economics & finance; & 4\. Media & Entertainment, with a focus
on **fostering mutual understanding and emotional connections** between
**India and countries from the global south** with Integrated Research Centers
based out of * _India, Brazil, South Africa, Dubai, and Singapore to cover
associated regions. *_

Additionally, the platform covers ongoing activities on Sustainable
Developmental Goals (SDG) and works towards creating awareness on relevant and
much-needed Socio-political & Cultural issues via concerted campaigns.

The platform addresses a gap in international news coverage by providing a
fresh perspective from the largest and culturally rich global south regions
which are often underrepresented and misunderstood in the mainstream global

**Available Positions** :

We are assembling a core team of visionary leaders and skilled professionals
to drive our mission forward.

* Core Team: Co-founder, Advisory Board Members, Editors, Journalists
* Other Roles: Research, Multimedia, Technology, Marketing

**Requirements** :

* Relevant experience and exposure are desired for all positions.
* Experience in relevant organizations, think tanks, academia, international organizations, and advisory/consulting work etc will be considered an asset.

For more information, and inquiries, please email to [team@brandlab-](mailto:[email protected])

Thank you.