Chief Technology Officer

Company: Textla

Salary: $200 - $120,000

Posted on: July 8, 2024

Company Email: [email protected]

Job Description

### The mission πŸš€

Textla is revolutionizing the communication space, giving people access to SMS
marketing with no mark-up. You can think of us as Mailchimp for texting.

Website: <>

### **Our Traction πŸ“ˆ**

* Stage: Seed with $2.1M raised

We are growing _fast_. We plan to raise a Series A within the next 18-24
months. This is a rare opportunity to join an early-stage startup with
significant traction.

### Who we’re looking for πŸ”

You love building from scratch, and are comfortable with owning the entire
backend. Driving big technical impact excites you, especially in the 0 to 1


* Experience building highly scalable applications that can handle sudden spikes in traffic
* Ability to build from scratch. We iterate quickly, and ship into production fast while maintaining a standard for quality.
* Strong familiarity with our existing tech stack, including AWS services.

Nice to have:

* CPaaS Integration experience (Twilio, Vonage, or Bandwidth)
* Familiar with AI & data intelligence with models like ChatGPT

### Tech stack

Our foundation is built to handle billions of messages per day with a small
team. Here are the technologies currently in use.

* **Frontend:** NextJS, React, Tailwind, Typescript, Vercel, Apollo
* **Backend:** GraphQL, AWS, DynamoDB (Single Table Design), CDK (with Typescript), Lambdas (with Typescript), API Gateway, SQS, Amazon EventBridge Scheduler, CloudFront, S3, Redshift, ElasticSearch, ElasticCache and Github Actions

### Compensation + perks:

* Generous equity + base salary
* Flexible PTO
* Remote or in-person