Chief Technical Officer (CTO-12,000-15,000 USD/month)

Company: FUNToken

Salary: $200 - $160,000

Posted on: July 6, 2024

Job Description

### We are looking for an experienced blockchain developer/technologist with
5+ years of experience, able to quickly tackle complex problems across a
number of tech stacks.


* Build and assist in the design of professional web apps, focusing on user experience with an eye for detail.
* Able to work with multiple web3 SDKs and apis from a range of applications from wallet connections to swap and trade integrations.
* Able to assist our backend team in building and managing architecture for web3 applications, including ts/js-node and blockchain architecture.
* Create robust, scalable and reusable code for internal and open-source applications
* Create and implement APIs and server components for integration with third parties.
* Troubleshoot issues where necessary.
* Assist in identifying and fixing any security issues with critical architecture.
* Management skills should include at least 3 years of experience managing small to medium-sized teams.
* Strong communication and native or proficient English skills are key.
* Knowledge and experience in auditing and testing code is required for this position.
* Exposure to mobile app development is preferred.
* Exposure to Solidity, Rust, smart contract development, and crosschain architecture will be required.

**Skills & Qualifications:**

* 5+ years of experience in development (frontend and backend).
* 3 years management experience (small to medium teams).
* Ability to research and learn new technologies as needed.
* Excellent knowledge of Javascript/Typescript. Golang &/or Rust is a plus.
* Excellent attention to detail and ability to design and implement effective UX.
* Strong written and verbal communication skills (proficiency in English)
* Familiarity with database technologies such as SQL/NoSQL databases
* Ability to work in a team environment, and willingness to overcome new challenges
* Payment will be in stablecoins.