CEO (Stealth B2C Mobile Startup)

Company: Highline Beta

Salary: $150,000 - $200,000

Posted on: July 5, 2024

Job Description

**Highline Beta is hiring a CEO for a stealth B2C mobile app startup,
currently being developed in our venture studio.** The new startup is focused
on the loneliness epidemic. There is a widespread and growing feeling of
social isolation and disconnection among individuals. Despite increased
connectivity through social media, many people report feeling lonelier than
ever before. Loneliness has been linked to a range of negative health
outcomes, including mental health issues and physical health problems.

Our mission is to reconnect humanity 1 to 1, helping people get one step
closer to happiness. This is not a dating app.

We're aiming to launch in early 2025.

Work has already begun on validating the opportunity, product scope, brand and
more. Highline Beta is developing this startup with a partner (to be disclosed
in the future).

As CEO you will lead the company with a focus on go-to-market strategy, user
acquisition and partnerships. Highline Beta will lead product development
capabilities. Our partner is leading the initial pre-seed and seed financing.

Despite the CEO title, you will need to get your hands dirty and work with a
small, nimble team. This startup is going from 0 to 1 and we are not looking
for a "manager" but someone that can execute work at the grassroots level.

You can be located anywhere, but our preference is in the Eastern Time Zone.
You will receive a salary and equity compensation.

### **Responsibilities**

* **Strategic Leadership:** Develop and implement the company's vision, mission and overall strategy in alignment with our goal to address loneliness.
* **Marketing & User Acquisition:** Drive user acquisition strategies, leveraging your expertise in marketing and partnerships to build a strong user base.
* **Partnership Development:** Establish and maintain strategic partnerships that enhance our product offering and market reach.
* **Stakeholder Management:** Collaborate with Highline Beta and our partner to ensure alignment and support in achieving our company milestones.
* **Team Building:** Recruit, manage and inspire a high-performing team, fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration and excellence.
* **Product Development:** Use your product management experience to guide the product team, ensuring a user-centric approach to development and continuous improvement.
* **Financial Management:** Work closely with Highline Beta and our partner to manage the company's financial health, including budgeting, forecasting and securing additional funding as needed.

### **Qualifications**

* **B2C Experience:** Proven track record in building, launching and scaling B2C mobile app businesses; ideally from 0 to 1 and beyond. Ideally you've been a startup CEO before and/or helped grow an early stage startup to massive user adoption.
* **Marketplace Experience:** Having experience building and scaling marketplaces is beneficial, ideally consumer-focused marketplaces.
* **Marketing Expertise:** Strong background in growth marketing, user acquisition and partnerships, with demonstrable success in growing a user base.
* **Strategic Thinker:** Ability to think strategically and execute methodically, balancing short-term objectives with long-term goals.
* **Passion for Impact:** A deep passion for making a positive impact on people's lives and addressing the issue of loneliness through innovative technology solutions.
* **Leadership Skills:** Exceptional leadership and team-building skills, with the ability to inspire and drive a team towards common goals.
* **Product Management:** Familiarity with product management principles and practices, ensuring the development of a user-centric product.

### **Your Mindset:**

We're looking for a leader that loves getting things done.

* You have an "owner" mentality not a "renter" one
* You don't mind getting your hands dirty / no job is too small
* You believe in the power of people and team as the only way to succeed
* You're generous and open-minded
* You're keen on philosophy and/or behavioral science